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About us / Our History

Zotiades Energy is the new up and coming energy power in Cyprus. In response to the growing global concern over environmental pollution, Zotiades Energy is committed to introducing cleaner forms of energy such as solar, as well as introduce in the market products friendly to the environment such as the rechargeable batteries “Eneloop” which can last for a lifetime.

Zotiades Energy mainly specializes in the design and installation of Photovoltaic Systems on the ground and roofs as well as Solar tracking systems. It provides turnkey solutions. The company is working in close collaboration with very reputable companies in Germany, such us Wagner & Co, Kirchner Solar Group, SANYO Electric & Co. Ltd, each one specializing in its own field and all of them having completed solar projects worldwide.

The most efficient and reliable components are used in all projects and fully trained personnel takes care of installation and maintenance.

Zotiades Energy believes in the idea that every house should utilize Solar Power to produce electricity for its own needs and be able by using smart storage systems to store energy and use it during peak hours or feed any excess energy into the grid system or accept energy from the grid.

Recent Projects

PV modules: Heckert Nemo 250W Inverter: Fronius Mounting System: Wagner ...

Our Brands:
Wagner Solar REC Solar AUO-BenQ Trina Solar Panasonic Fronius SMA

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