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Manufacturer of a variety of Solar Lights able to meet each customer’s demand. Solar Lights provided are suitable for parks, pathways, gardens as long as warehouses and buildings.  

Kirchner Solar

This company focuses on the Sonnen Systeme Biaxial Solar Tracking Systems that follow the sun and its angle thus increasing the yield of the Photovoltaic Systems very significantly. Research and Development activities allow the company to frequently introduce new innovative products and solutions.  

Wagner & Co.

This company is a pioneer in the field of Solar Technology with over 30 years experience. It started its activities with the manufacturing of Solar Thermal Systems and expanded later on in the Photovoltaic Sector forming strategic partnerships with the main Photovoltaic and Inverter manufacturers and producing its own TUV certified Photovoltaic Mounting Systems.


It is a brand of Sanyo-Panasonic which is the biggest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in the world. Eneloop is based on the concept of energy-looping which means that energy is regenerated by recharging so that the eneloop battery can last for a lifetime. This helps to create a cleaner environment and suggests a new lifestyle. Main Advantages: LOW SELF DISCHARGE. Keeps 85% of its ...


Has more than 30 years of experience in solar technology and its reputable for its high performance Photovoltaic Panels and reliable high output at high temperatures. Sanyo-Panasonic has also developed a new hardware for controlling and utilising the stored electric energy produced from Photovoltaic Systems.

Recent Projects

PV modules: Heckert Nemo 250W Inverter: Fronius Mounting System: Wagner ...

Our Brands:
Wagner Solar REC Solar AUO-BenQ Trina Solar Panasonic Fronius SMA

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