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Available Photovoltaic schemes


Up to 10kW→ Net Metering scheme

Greater than 10kW→ Net Billing scheme



Up to 10kW → Net Metering scheme


Net Metering scheme up-to 10 kW for businesses and houses

Under the Net Metering scheme the electricity produced is distributed directly in the electrical installation of the building. Any excess is directed to the grid through the smart meter installed, which measures it. The measured electricity is deducted from the next monthly / by monthly electricity bill.

The possibility of such photovoltaic installation under the Net Metering scheme has now increased to 10 kW.


Net Billing for Businesses

A photovoltaic installation can be applied under the Net Billing scheme. The produced electricity is directed to power electric equipment in the building. Any excess is directed to the grid through the smart meter so the excess is measured. The value of the excess is credited to the owner by setting-off the two electricity bills. (EAC bill which provides electricity to the premises and the owner’s bill who feeds back electricity to the grid). The price is based on the cost price of EAC to produce electricity in the first place, so called “avoidance price”.


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